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About SwanMedTour

By working in the field of health and medical tourism, our company has provided suitable conditions for the purpose of treatment in Iran, as well as providing suitable tourism and accommodation services for foreign patients. Patients who come to Iran with the aim of receiving medical, health and beauty services, can receive all the stages of their journey from the very beginning of the journey, including preparing travel tickets, accommodation, medical advice and performing step-by-step medical steps from our company. Representatives.

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The Most Requested Procedures

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Ear nose and throat





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About SwanMedTour

Our company has a special ability in the field of health and medical services and can provide medical services to medical, health and beauty doctors in Iran, as well as travel service providers and international services for purchasing medical, health and beauty services. To provide you with health and beauty. By introducing ourselves, we can provide our services to you dear ones by providing the services provided in reputable magazines, Iranian specialists in the field of consulting services. From the services of Mavara service provider with reputable travel and travel companies, you can have the possibility and visa to travel to Iran.
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Steps in SwanMedTour

  • First Step: Contact Us

    Contact us by phone, social networks, email or register on the site and perform medical consultation with the center doctor by sending medical records and reporting your previous clinical and paraclinical procedures.
  • Second Steps: Document Review

    Examination of documents by the center physician and specialist physicians of partner centers and presenting their expert opinion along with cost estimates in different centers and introducing different hospitals and presenting the resumes of the desired physicians for you
  • Thirst Step: Project Defining

    Provide in-country activities to prepare your arrival such as transfer, translator, hotel and accommodation and… for the comfort of you and your companions
  • Step 4: Perform internal actions

    Carrying out internal procedures of hospitals, such as accompanying you with an interpreter in all stages of admission, treatment and discharge, preparing medical records and direct communication with the center doctor at all hours
  • Step 5: Follow up

    Escort you until the moment you leave the country and contact you directly during your recovery until the moment of your full recovery and complete satisfaction

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